Monday, October 4, 2010

One Goal Down! Whoot!

So My many followers (hahaha) May have noticed I can upload Pictures now! WHOOOOO!
Kira; 1, to do list...... *sigh* 3.... At least.

So today was a day of frantic baking and cooking.

I started with making a banana cake as I rescued 5 bananas from Husband who wanted to put them in the bin..... I instead intended to eat them! Using this; Awesome banana cake recipe.
However, my bananas were kinds little so I put 3 in instead of 2...... and..... well..... This happened;
Not my proudest baking moment! However Sister-in-laws arrived and throughly enjoyed it! It was lovely and moist and Lera even commented how nice the crunchy base was! (I iced it upside down to try to hide the huge dip in the middle..... It didn't work :() So not a total failure.

I shall try again with the other nanas that I've frozen.

The marshmallow and I also made something very special for Lunch but for you to understand it's true awesome-ness I'll need to lay out some background.

My mum has old-timers and is in a home about 1400 k's from my town. It doesn't bother to to much however because I don't let it. But that's a whole other blog all together! However I try to talk about her to the kidlets as much as I can. To kind of keep a part of her around us. And I'm starting to do this with food.

Mum's fried rice was famous!! In high school my friends would come visit and They'd barely be in the door before they were asking mum to feed it to them.
One new years eve I was having party, and my friend Jake came round to help me set up. he asked my mum if she had any, (Normally she kept some in the fridge for occasions such as these.) today there was none. Jake looked disappointed and got back to work. It seened immediately later Mum was in the back yard with a fresh steaming bowl of rice with bowls and spoons and e were having a picnic under out pear tree. Mum always did Love Jake. She thought he was #1 potential son-in-law material. Hmmm..... No! He's been with my bestie for over 6 years now.

That was a really long story just to tell you I made it for the first time today. Left overs in the fridge ready for visitors :D. I think the Husband even liked it.

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