Saturday, October 2, 2010

And so...

OK So I would LIKE to blog...... I would like to do a lot of things that I suck at actually. But fuck it I'll try!

I would like to bake awesome baked awesomeness!

I would Like to photograph everything I do and take more Pictures of the kidlets. (I have 3 btw)

I would like to play with wool and pointy things a lot more often and maybe document it so people who appreciate those kind of things will say 'ooooooo' and 'Ahhhhhh' coz the husband doesn't give a shit!

I would like to learn how to sew and make clothes for the kidlets.

But for now I'll start with today!

We made marshmallow squares using this; Rice crispy treats recipe (However I refuse to call them 'rice crispy treats' as i'm an Australian and I don't know what rice crispy's are!)
An exciting an sticky adventure that resulted me me eating a but load of the mixture out of the bowl instead of leaving it to set. And this is why my ass is the size of Perth!

I also just realized why I'm not a great blogger. WAY not computer literate and can't put the photos from my camera on to the computer.

Husbands a computer geek you see. 'Oh good!' I hear you say, 'He can help you on your blogging adventures and upload pictures for you.' "NAY' I say, 'For that is precisely the problem!'

The 'media centre' (where photo's live) needs to calibrated onto the c-drive and uploaded onto the server in Paraguay or some shit like that. All I hear is 'blah blah blah computer!'

Anyway, will post pics of marshmallow squares maybe sometime next year :D.

Or the next day.....

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