Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a special day,

For those of you that know me the story of my first child is well, long, draw out and boring! However a long story cut short her 'father' has not much to do with her and signed a $2 christmas card with his name not 'dad' last Christmas.

However, tonight The chicken was in the bath and said to the husband 'My first daddy was daddy {insert his name here}, but your my real real real real real real Daddy!'

Needless to say it made me and the husband VERY happy. So happy I thought it deserved a blog post!

Here's to great Daddy's!


  1. :) Must make you both proud - You dont have to be their Dad to be there father. My niece and nephew call there Step Dad 'Dad' He is there for her and that is what really matters.

  2. Yeah Kylie we were both proud! She's been calling him Dad since #2 was born but the fact she called him her REAL daddy.

    Who knew a 6 year old could be so cluey :D