Saturday, January 15, 2011

What do you mean I'm to fat for my jeans????

A friend of mine has Ross river fever, so needless to say she feels like absolute shit! Some friends and I have been going over almost daily, washing up, making her bed, chuck a load of washing on, I'll take her miss 3 to the park, stuff like that, just to give her a hand and help her keep on top of things.

However no illness can go by without a little bit of handmade to make her feel better so I made her an apron. In fact, I'm calling it the apron of awesome and Holy crap do I want one. Isn't my model beautiful He would only pose for me if his face wasn't visible, Personally, I think it looks better on the brumby;

Got the pattern from keeping it simple. Such an awesome idea. My friend actually gave me these jeans coz they didn't fit her, I didn't have the heart to tell her that they didn't fit me either! lol. Now I hope she'll get some use outta them.

There's something that also looks cute on the brumby!

I made this pillowcase shirt and some denim shorts for the marshmallow out of an old pair f Jeans also. I'm thinking about making the set for the Chicken head too and posting a tutorial, What do you think???? Am I up for it? lol


  1. Good thing i drank too much last night or you wouldn't have had any i said on my blog ( .....good thing i'm such a plonk!!!

  2. Gorgeous, Kira - you are one clever lady!